Rihanna Vampy Lip Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!

I have been so busy lately and haven’t filmed anything in a couple weeks, but I completely forgot to post my latest video here! It is a recreation of Rihanna’s makeup (which was photoshopped sadly, she never actually wore the dark lip in the picture) but it is lovely nonetheless and I wanted to film it.

If you want to watch, click play below!



Vicky J

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  1. OPI had discontinued I AM NOT REALLY A WAITRESS. I toghuht no too soon it’s still a great go to color. Ended up that was an incorrect report out of OPI that was corrected the one pulled was a former as popular as Waitress Mother Road Rose which is a tish too frosty for now but like I said next yr we are supposed to see frosts make a big return so don’t you just know it that OPI will have a new update version of Mother Road Rose pretty soon!!! Great list here. You should do more of these like range of reds all need range of blues all need range of grays all need etc.

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