Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette


I recently got this beauty in the mail and I am SO EXCITED!

There has been a ton of buzz in the beauty community about this palette, partially because Jaclyn is so well liked, the eyeshadow are affordable and high quality, and because the palette is limited edition.

The first time it was available for preorder, I didn’t get it. Looking back, I’m not sure why. The hype surrounding it after the first preorder period convinced me that I needed it in my life. So many YouTubers I’m subscribed to were using it in tutorials and the swatches I saw on different blogs looked beautiful and pigmented. 

The second, and last, time to preorder this palette was April 13 and I figured it’d be difficult to get since the first time they released it the site crashed from all the traffic to Morphe’s website. I decided if I was able to get on and purchase it then I was meant to have the palette. Fortunately I was able to complete my transaction, and was told it would ship at the end of the month. 

I got this palette during the first week of May. Here are some pictures!

I am starting a YouTube channel soon and a tutorial with this palette will definitely be happening!


Vicky J  

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